Mail Magazine vol.02

■Kumiko’s “ In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.2

On the first day of my lesson by Prof.Sasaki, he asked me under whom I had
studied playing piano. I mentioned two professors’ names to him. Then he looked disappointed, saying “ You are very unlucky! They once were my pupils, but I expelled them.”

He began to test me acoustically.
First, he played various chords on the piano and asked me the names of the component sounds of the chords. I never missed the correct answer.
Next, he tested me with single sound, and my answer was perfect.
“ You have a good ear !”
He seemed satisfied and gave me a homework to practice Beyer No.87(“ Elementary Instruction Book for the PianoForte” written by Fernand Beyer).
Next week, he criticized my playing Beyer No.87 very harshly, saying “ You don’t listen to the sound! Listen carefully!”
In reality, I played Beyer No.87, listening carefully to my sound. And what’s more, I could tell the names of all sounds just by listening to them!
What am I supposed to do more!?
One day, I had a chance to listen to another student’s lesson. Her sound was so warm and I felt as if a mother was reading a fairy tale to her child. In other words, each sound of her playing was meaningful.
On the other hand, I felt my sound very cold as if Edward Scissorhands ( Johnny Depp played him in the picture) was cutting things into pieces.

Why? Why is my sound not warm?
This primary question lingered on in my heart for a long time.
Every week in my lesson, I was all ears like dumbo trying not to miss his point.
What I became to understand was as follows;
* the ability to tell the name of a sound has nothing to do with the ability to listen to it.
*Prof.Sasaki is trying to show me an absolutely different world from the one I had experienced.
Each lesson led me to find some new sense, which twinkled softly in the darkness of my heart.

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