Mail Magazine vol.11

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.11

I derive pleasure from teaching private lessons every day. My sense to live a daily life seems to have been developed by wonderful sounds and deep impressions which I have experienced in miscellaneous scenes of my life.

Your daily life is your life itself. You may think that your daily consciousness (for example, when you are busy with routines or boring chores), has nothing to do with your deep consciousness. However, what you experience in your daily life is exactly recorded in your deepest consciousness as the data of the energy of consciousness which is beyond just daily memory.

Since I started to take Prof. Sasaki’s lesson, I have experienced a lot of incidents which changed my consciousness drastically. I will tell you one of those stories which always moves me to tears.

One day, I was waiting my turn at Prof. Sasaki’s house. There were also 3 girl students of a college of music and an elderly lady. Before Prof. Sasaki came in the lesson room, I asked the lady,

“What are you going to play today?”
“ A nocturne by Chopin” she answered.
Then she added,
“My long-cherished desire is to play the whole music of Chopin’s nocturne before I die”

I was a little surprised and felt sorry for her.
There’re lots of other wonderful tunes composed by Chopin. Waltz, mazurka, sonata, scherzo, etude, ballade and so on. There’re also many tunes for other musical instruments like a chello.
“Probably, the nocturne is her favorite” I murmured in my heart.

While I was wondering about her, Prof. Sasaki came in and started to teach her. He made it a rule to begin his lesson with hearing chords ( The pupil has to answer the name of the chord he plays). It was followed by “the separate sing” ( This is his original method. The pupil has to utter one note of the chord, listening carefully to the chord he is playing)

After a series of the listening tests, he urged her to play Chopin. She started playing with a very slow tempo which I had never been able to imagine. Her sound pierced straightly the pit of the stomach one by one and passed through my whole body in a matter of seconds like a thunder. I felt like bursting into tears as if I was grabbed my belly by someone else.

Bouncing up and out of the room, I ran to the end of the hallway, facing the door of the toilet and was standing still downcast, covering my ears with my hands so as not to hear her sound.

“What’s with you, Kumiko?”
Prof. Sasaki’s wife who came to wipe the floor asked me, with a cloth and a bucket of water.
“Nothing” I replied embarrassedly. As I was about to cry once I heard her sound, I stayed there away from the lesson room.

Confirming that he finished her lesson, I returned to the lesson room and sat down on the sofa quietly. Almost an hour had already passed. I prepared Prof. Sasaki’s angry words.
“ How rude of you to bounce up and out of the room during other’s lesson!”
However, he said nothing to me. Instead, he asked the 3 girl students about me.

“ Do you understand why Ms. Nabeshima burst into tears?”
“No” they answered,
“This is to open an ear.” he said.

It was long afterwards that I came to know his question was addressed to me not to them.
The astonishment when I heard her sound!
The unimaginable surprise at my own reaction!
Prof. Sasaki’s profound words!
The reason why I shed tears was not just because I got very sentimental but because I was touched by her selfless, transparent and deep consciousness. Her sound reached my deepest consciousness which had not been stimulated by then. An incredible emotion blew up in my heart at the moment.

It was obvious that my emotion came from the depth far away from the daily, ordinary consciousness and sense. This incredibly deep delight was integrated into a strong sense of happiness heading for the origin of consciousness. This strong sense of happiness became the compass of my life.

The workshops and the private lessons which I teach will lead you to a journey to your nature which you don’t know because it’s far away from ordinary consciousness. I always want to talk to anyone with the words born from my own experiences. Everyone differs from others. However, the universality of human consciousness exists as “the law of life energy”.

And the sound which goes to the depth of consciousness helps us to feel “the sense of  life energy” which is unlimited. Also it makes us notice what consciousness is .

If you learn from a pinch in your daily life and discover the law in a chance, you will find yourself on the way to overcome the small self. It would give you a great joy!
The vibration which is the origin of the sound seems to navigate my life towards the happiness. I will tell you another episode of my youth days under Prof. Sasaki next time!

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