Mail Magazine vol.18

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.18

When I teach and tune the chorus, its sound has a moment of transparence. On the other

hand, when I give my pupil a piano lesson, his or her sound shines when it becomes


I remember my young days searching for transparent sound with deep emotion. The tense

and the fear I felt those days will be my constant companion, because my piano would be

worthless to give you without them, I think.

I feel that my life is led by sound.

In my childhood, I used to listen to the radio because there was no television. My favorite

was the classical music program broadcasted by NHK( Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

every Sunday morning. I used to concentrate on the music without moving a muscle for an

hour. I adored sound of music!

When I look back on what has happened to me and what I have felt in my life, I cannot

but notice a great process of “learn and develop”. The whole process of learning of my

consciousness has made a rich tapestry of my life. Daily incidents and the depth and the

direction of our findings become a compass of consciousness energy, which determines

our future.

Focusing on sound, I follow consciousness to its depth, because the sound resonates

with the deepest part of one’s heart and reflects precisely the whole picture of one’s


One cannot deceive his feeling (sense). If there is a gap between his superficial

consciousness and his nature, his expression (sound) cannot reflect the whole picture of

his nature. Sadly enough, it is himself who is the last person to recognize or feel the gap.

One cannot focus on what he does not hear nor feel. He is not even aware of the fact that

he does not hear or feel. That is true of all senses.

If one’s consciousness corresponds exactly with his nature, his sound expresses his

nature itself. It is a very simple and physical law. There is a very interesting and familiar

experiment. I’ll tell you about it next time.

In spite of every effort, you may not be able to recognize the gap (because you don’t know

it). However, after a desperate struggle, you may see a stream of light.

Prof. Sasaki used to say to me,

“Music is subconsciousness, Kumiko”

Subconsciousness is a very abstract and vague word. When I started taking his lesson, I

could not make heads or tails of “to listen”. He said to me time and again,

“If you think that you can hear, you can hear. You don’t hear because you don’t think that

you can heart!”

It’s like Zen dialogues, isn’t it? Each time he said so, I used to think that it was impossible.

But now I understand what he wanted to say. If I put what he said into other words, it’s

“change of consciousness”.

I presume that a human being will live out his nature energy beyond the social and

traditional values. This vital switching will happen quietly under superficial consciousness.

The dawn is breaking!

Prof. Sasaki’s lesson was a compass to show that human consciousness can make a

wonderful era in the distant future. And the “change of consciousness” is a crucial thesis

imposed to us.

Look forward to other episodes and words of Prof. Sasaki, please.

See you next time!

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