Mail Magazine vol.21

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.21

I have written various episodes of my days under Prof. Sasaki so far. Regretfully, it’s drawing to a close.

In each lesson, I tried to get with all my senses what is the point to reach the core of consciousness through his words. I never became emotional over his words although sometimes I was carried away by ripples of emotions in my daily life.

“There must be profound suggestions beyond my understanding in his words!” I had been excited to try to get them.

I would be happy if you become interested in seeking the infinite meanings which the sound shows.

Among the pupils of Prof. Sasaki, there was a boy who had been taking his lesson since he was 4 years old. I envied him because he had not acquired extra techniques of a musical college. He was sincere in all he does and his sound showed that it directly came from his nature.

He had a genius in mastering music. As a matter of fact, he played quite many pieces.

However, he did not pass the entrance examination of musical colleges in Japan. I suppose that the quality of the techniques that he acquired under Prof. Sasaki did not match the tendency of the Japanese musical colleges. So, he entered a musical college in Germany. By the time when he made his way to Germany, I had met him several times at Prof. Sasaki’s house.

One day, Prof. Sasaki told us that he would give a piano concert at Yonezawa city in response to the request of a wonderful pianist who lived there.

“Won’t you try to play the orchestra part of the concerto in a duet, Kumiko?” His words came as a thunderbolt to me!

Again and again, I wondered if I could do that.

The concerto which Sasaki mentioned was outrageously difficult piece for a four-handed piano performance. There was no guarantee that I could play it well. I was in extreme uneasiness. At the same time, however, I felt irresistible desire to play it and responded, “I will try.”

It was the beginning of my hard days. Usually, the two pianists practice and rehearse together frequently in preparing a four-handed performance. However, Prof. Sasaki did not make much of it. It was very few times that we rehearsed together before the concert. He said,

“It’s enough, isn’t it?”

Quite a few duet rehearsals for an outrageously difficult piece! Next time, I will tell you what would happen after that.

Don’t miss it!

Each day, I get aware of various things including junks and blocks in my heart. If there is a distortion in consciousness, it tends to fix.

The sound expresses surprisingly precisely the instant condition of consciousness and invite you to the source of consciousness with its resounding action.

See you soon!

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